Lyskamm Quartet

The Lyskamm Quartet  - Cecilia Ziano (violin), Clara Franziska Schötensack (violin), Francesca Piccioni (viola) and Giorgio Casati (cello) - winner of the chamber music prize “Claudio Abbado” Borletti – Buitoni Trust 2016, is establishing itself on the International stage.

In 2014, the Lyskamm Quartet received the Vittorio Rimbotti award, appointed every two years within the “Accademia Europea del Quartetto” in “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole”. They won first prize at “Possehl Wettbewerb Musikpreis 2015” in Lubecca  and second prize at the International Competition Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne and special prize "Pro Quartet” in Graz.

The Lyskamm Quartet performed live for RAI Radio 3 as well as appearing in major Italian Festivals like the Quartet Society of Milano, the Mito Festival, the Unione Musicale, the Lingotto Musica of Turin, the Amici della Musica of Padova, the Quartet Society of Vercelli, “I Suoni delle Dolomiti” (in quintet with Mario Brunello) and the Orta Festival among others.

The Lyskamm Quartet toured Italy under the coordination of Cidim (Comitato Nazionale Italiano Musica). This project led to several performances in Spain, Germany and also France.

In January 2016 the Quartet was the Quartet in residence at the Aldeburgh Festival in England.

The quartet is supported by “Ad Infinitum Foundation” and is the Quartet in residence for the association “Amici della Musica di Padova

From 2009 to 2011, the Quartet was mentored by the Artemis Quartet at the Arts University of Berlin. Subsequently, the Quartet joined the ECMA circuit (European Chamber Music Academy), a

collaboration between some of the most important European Universities. In this environment they met important teachers such as Hatto Beyerle, Johannes Meissl, Heime Mueller, Ferenc Rados, Antonello

Farulli, Claus Christian Schuster, Jerome Pernoo, Christophe Giovaninetti and Andrea Nannoni.

Currently the Quartet is studying with Heime Mueller at the Hochschule fuer Musik in Lubecca.


“ Quartetto Lyskamm, young quartet that already shows the necessary quality, passion and commitment to find a brilliant place on the European musical scene”  - Vera Martinez (Cuarteto Casals)

" ... over and above the wonderful instrumental virtuosity of its members, the Lyskamm Quartett displays the absolute rigor of the ensemble, an impressive spectrum of timbre and rhythm, an intensity of expression that is constantly at the highest level, a degree of passion that does not allow the listener a moment of distraction, and this gift places them at the level of the most renowned international quartets, with a very specific quality: the ability to interpret the great classics in the light of a profoundly contemporary understanding, that highlights their visionary  qualities, the dialectic between the classical forms and the need to push these to the harmonic and formal limits of the melos" - Renato Rivolta

" ...each strong tremolo of the four string parts evoked a touch of opera was only one aspect of the interpretation of the young Italian ensemble: The natural ease and absolutely spot on intonation, with which the first violin Cecilia Ziano conveyed an overall impression of nobility and class, was just as convincing as the perfectly crafted fine tuning at each change of mood. Everything was pure gesture, the staggering vigorous tutti highlights of all four musicians as well as the flawlessly rounded solo of cellist Giorgio Casati in the melodious middle section of the third movement. But everything was also development, the finely decorated, beautifully playful recurring theme of the violin in the final part of the first movement, and the acceleration into breathlessness of the Finale. And not last, everything sounded perfectly crafted, each   phrasing, felt in an extraordinary concert of sensitivity, each modulation, each emerging of the middle voices of the second violin (Clara Franziska Schoetensack) and the viola (Francesca Piccioni)." - Axel Zibulski