MitBravour proudly promotes and represents fine artists from all over the world. Specialized in classical music, our roster includes pianists, string players and chamber music groups. We always commit to quality whether we promote emerging artists or musicians already advanced in their careers. With greatest conviction and integrity we support classical music and our clients. If you are looking for fine artists, you might be in the right place. Visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss projects with presenters interested in our musicians.





Jethro Marks violist canadian NAC Zukerman management
Jethro Marks
Marco Mantovani pianist pianista
Marco Mantovani
Mauro Bertoli
Paul Marleyn Cello management Canada England Professor
Paul Marleyn
Netanel Draiblate
Lucia Luque violinist Argentina virtuoso South America
Lucia Luque
Kevin White